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Free SEO Tools to Kickstart your Digital Marketing Campaign

Manage your SEO campaign from the very beginning. Submit your target keywords and pages to start getting optimization suggestions for #1 ranking in Google.

  • First find yourself a nice domain and keep track of your domain expiry with our domain expiry checker.
  • Purchase SSL from a trusted SSL provider and maintain it to keep you website safe from hackers. User our tool for regular SSL certificate expiry check.
  • Create content for your audience and one important metric is the readability. Don't forget to do a readability check. Make adjustment in content to bring your content to your target audience's level.
  • Now optimize your content for Search Engines. For that you need to find keywords. Nothing is easier then finding your competitor's keywords. Take benefit of our keyword extractor from text. Just enter your competitors content and see the magic happen.

SEO Runway Free Tools

Domain Expiry Checker

Track domain expiration dates, single or in bulk, ensure website availability..

SSL Expiry Checker

Enter single or multiple URL to check the Epiry date of your SSL certificate.

Readability Checker

Enter your text to find the readability grade level and score of your content.

Domain Monitoring

Never let your domain expire with our Domain Monitor tool. Login now, It's Free.

We created a very sophisticated tool for SEO Audit and it is free

Our SEO Audit tool analyze your content according to your target queries that you want to rank for. It analysis following

  • Find Technical issues for smooth crawling by Search Engines
  • Finding optimization areas and providing suggestions
  • Competitor Analysis – Analyzing what things your competitors doing to outrank your website. You can do such things better than your them and outrank your competition.

Our SEO audit tool is free for a website to analyze first 500 resource crawled. If your website is bigger than that, Please check our paid plans.

Have multiple websites? Keep track of essential data are up to date

Keep track of domain expiry date, SSL expiry date and downtime etc. Here is how we help you manage such data:

  • Daily checking for domain expiry, SSL expiry, downtime, presence of Google Webmaster code, tag manager code, Google analytics code
  • Tool sends you automated reminder if anything is about to expire or missing

This tool is available to free account, but only for 1 project per account. Check out pricing plan for more than 1 project and never be worry of site wide Essential things.

Get alert when something changes on your site

Sometimes SEO don’t even know that website on which they are working on, changed. It may be a hacker or client’s developer. Our tool checks for any changes in site daily or on demand. Our Tool notify you about following:

  • Title/Meta Description changes
  • H1 and h2 changes
  • Sitemap changes
  • Robots.txt changes
  • Target Page content changes
  • Navigation menu changes
  • Footer changes

This feature lets you maintain a database of back links and periodically check for any issue

Our tool keep data and check following things regarding back links to ensure a healthy back link profile:

  • HTTP Status code of backlink page
  • Presence of our link back to your target page
  • HTTP status code of your link on other website
  • Anchor text

This lets you know if any backlink URL you submitted your link to working or not, if your link has been removed by admin, may be you were targeting wrong URL in back link for certain keyword etc